Air "The Disaster of Thai Traditional Medicine"  Air in our bodies cannot be seen with scientific instruments such as X- ray or endoscopy. Air is caused by food we intake each meal. Also, digestive process causes air. If digested, air is less. On the other hand, if indigested, the lump of air is compressed in the digestive system resulting in the turbulence to organs in the body consequently. Large air then push stomach acid up the esophagus, or called "GERD" or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease , push up toward head, called "migraine".

The frequently found body air is rough wind, for example, burp (belch) and fart. The air accumulated in the muscle tendon is called the delicate air, which blocks the blood flow, causing swelling, stiffness of the problematic organs, for instances, swelling of the feet . There is a danger sign that one's blood circulation is unbalanced. According to the oriental medicine, every organ is united, and cannot be treated separately, because everything is related together.

Foot massage can arouse the immune system to work more actively. Evidently, the sole of foot represents and symbolizes the various organs throughout the body. Foot massage is not only for comfort purpose, but also chasing the air out of people who have health problems. Many of you massage in the part of stiffness and pain might be inflicted because the air compressed so tightly that you feel pain (not just blood clots). 

However, the air is removed out of the tight spot, the stiffness then will disappear. As you've seen, during the massage may burp or fart for many times. This is why the massage is used as aid in the Thai traditional medical treatment.

Massage is a valuable wisdom of oriental medicine, focusing on the underlying cause of the health problems. Only one principle abided that is to maintain "balance" of the body. Good must be maintained while waste must be excreted. The behavior in everyday life controls the body function; good or bad digestion, absorption and excretion. Meanwhile, the drug called "herb" is food we intake generally; no chemical additives that causes the liver and kidneys to work harder. This balance allows us to recognize the word "natural therapy". No angel doctor or miraculous drug is superior to the natural medicine. So let's leave the nature heal as body manager.

*** So, the biggest manager is nature. Balance of yin and yang are complementary, exchange, support forward the enormous energy to bring forth the living creatures. The energy will never end when balance comes.... and this is the heart of oriental medicine approach.