Arm swinging helps cure disease and reduce belly


Come on! Come to swing arms to reduce belly together. It is not only like that, but the disease treatment through arm swinging alone makes us wonder how it will provide such fantastic results! Obviously, the Department of Thai Health Promotion Foundation has often come out with this issue campaign. Would you like to know if the arm swinging can really cure disease and reduce belly? It's time to find the answers together.

How does arm swinging cure disease?

The arm swinging is considered as one move of exercise. The arm swinging is also considered the science of Chinese medicine passed down for thousands of years. It is a simple exercise and can be done whenever we want without any instruments. It is originally derived from the idea that the people are sick or uncomfortable because of poor blood circulation.

We will show you some examples, when an office worker has to sit working long hours and could hardly go anywhere else, but if he just rises up and stretches for a while, he will feel more energetic obviously. It just seems that he makes the blood circulate better. When the blood in the body moves easier, it will help alleviate the disease.

Why do we choose the arm swinging?

Why arm swinging? This is because the area under the shoulder called the armpit is the junction of lymph nodes. If we move the shoulder and armpit with arm swinging, it can help move the lymph nodes. When lymph nodes move, it will circulate throughout the body. Oops... Do not forget that "Lymph system" includes the spleen, thymus, tonsils, etc. These systems are built to clean and purify the body. Moreover, they are responsible for eliminating waste and toxins in the body and they also help construct white blood cells which are the antibodies of the immune system to filter foreign substances and various germs.

And when our lymph system is able to circulate easily and smoothly, it will heal our illnesses effectively. In contrast, if lymphatic system jams, there will be inflammation and swelling on the areas of the lymphatic circulation, such as the neck, behind the ear, occiput, chest, armpits under the shoulder, forearm, abdomen (midway between the breasts and the navel), and groin area. This is due to the fact that lymph has no pump like blood system; therefore, only exercise helps the lymphatic circulation flow well.