When New Year festival knocks our door, we Thai people couldn't stay still not to celebrate with feast. Normally, Thai people celebrate every festival anyway. Either Songkran, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Loy Krathong, Valentines, or Harvest Moon Day. The only festival that the Thais don't celebrate is Fasting Festival (Ramadan) of Muslim because they couldn't eat anything at all.

It's very scary when Thai people talk about fasting. I don't know why. Perhaps, it's because Thai people are close to Buddhism. Moreover, the Buddha's history telling about his suffering fasting till emaciated. This has made Thai people consider fasting as unbearable suffering.

In fact, Buddha has edified that the right way to live our life is moderate practice, not inordinate. Therefore, our daily life which spends only for eating, working and sleeping, well, rather concentrates on overeating, resulted in a number of diseases. Especially New Year, many people might have to eat more than ever because there are too many parties.

As a result, in order to bring the equilibrium of our bodies back to normal after New Year, I'd like to invite everybody to do fasting as a way for detoxification. With the view that properly and regularly fasting shall bring back equilibrium, good health and being cured from diseases.

According to medical theory, fasting is a process when body utilises energy which has been reserved in different forms, one of the popular forms is "fat" that piled up at our tummy, upper arms and legs. It's normal that we look thinner when fat in those positions was used.

Besides loosing weight, one of the important health phenomena during fat burning is detoxification. Put it simply, there are 2 groups of toxic. First, toxic that can be dissolved in water. It wouldn't store in body for long because it's in blood and easily released.

On the other hand, the other group of toxic that can be dissolved well in fat. This type of toxic will not remain in blood. Because blood is water and fat doesn't dissolve in water. This toxic will take itself from blood vessel to settle down in fat cells rapidly.

In our routine life, if we eat all the time, excess energy will be transformed and stored as fat. If it's not terminated, the toxic will be instilled in fat layers and can't be discharged. But, if we do fasting until the stage when body starts to use reserved fat, the toxic will be dissolved. Thereafter, it will return into blood vessel and will be discharged at the end.

With this knowledge, we therefore, adjust this principle to be self health taking care process called "Fasting". It can cure or release sickness that caused from remaining toxic in the body such as migraine, allergies, asthma, urticaria, and osteoapthritis.

Moreover, another beneficiary of fasting is to directly heal the diseases that caused from excessive nutrition, for instance, hyperlipidemia, obesity, and fatty liver. It was found that regular fasting can solve such problems effectively. Especially, when employed with natural therapy such as coffee enema, exercise, acupuncture, herbal and vitamin therapy, and etc. This practice better enhance effectiveness of treatment.

Effectiveness of fasting depends on several factors. Among others is time, the longer the fasting, the higher the effectiveness of detoxification (but if it's too long, you will experience mal-nutrition). Therefore, the appropriate timing is ~ 1-10 days. Ten days fasting doesn't mean that you don't eat anything for 10 days. It's fasting by having the food recipe that consists of fruits and veges only.

The second factor, fasting effectiveness depends on the volume of energy that body receives during fasting. The less the energy receives, the higher the fasting effectiveness & the difficulty to fasting. Hence, difficulty and efficiency of fasting can be divided into 4 levels. 1) Yoga fasting - eat nothing at all 2) Water fasting - drink only water all day 3) Juice fasting - drink only juice all day 4) Fruits fasting - eat only fruits all day. These levels are put in order consecutively from the highest effectiveness to the lowers.

However, Yoga fasting is inordinate. If this method is chosen, it should be undertaken only 1 day. Otherwise it would cause negative effect to your body.

In conclusion, we can create equilibrium to our body after overeating by fasting. It might be started with easy fasting like one day per 1-2 weeks. Then, gradually increase to 10 days fasting which is recommended to undertake every 6 months. If you do it regularly, you would find that your health is incredibly improved.

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