Notice the Bad Signs that Indicate Kidney Disease


 Kidney disease is a type of non-communicable diseases caused by eating salty foods and foods that are high in fat for consecutive time. Noticeably, the people who like to eat snacks (rich in salt) and junk food (loaded with bad fats) could potentially increase the risk of kidney disease which it might be too late for some people to realize it. As a reminder to the dangers of this disease that is not caused by bacteria (but due to the eating habits), we have some important information that you can notice the dangerous signs of kidney as follows.

How to notice if your kidney is in disorder:

In general, the body will show signs of disorder when the kidney has already worked hard. It is sometimes too late to realize and seek treatment. Here are the dangerous signs and symptoms to indicate that you may have kidney disease.

Urinary Disorders

Because bladder and kidney function relatively, therefore, when there is a kidney malfunction, it automatically affects bladder working process. The doctor has suggested how to recognize the symptoms of unusual urine below.


For those who experience inability or difficulty or exert, force, or suffer eagerly from painful urination and those who suffer from non-spouting urinary stream or midstream stumble urination, these signs tell you that there might be risk of infection in the urinary tract or kidney stones which is usually found in women than men.

Urinating more frequently than normal

If there is no drinking water before going to bed, after 6-8 hours sleeping, we usually do not have to wake up at night to urinate. This is because bladder can store water up to 250 cc. But for people with kidney disease, their kidneys will be unable to stop the driving in the bladder. This results in water coming out more, so they urinate more frequently than usual and often wake up at night to urinate.

Very bubbly urine

When we urinate, there is usually protein containing in its flowing out. This protein makes the white bubble. For those who have urine as white bubble as soap bursting more than ever, that may be an indication of kidneys malfunction due to the inflammation of capillaries in the kidney. If this occurs together with blood in urine, it could be the presumption of kidney disease and you must see a doctor immediately.

Bloody urine

Normal urine is clear yellow or there might be a little darker if we drink less water or dropped when drinking a lot of water. If the urine is red like blood or the color like meat washing water or dark yellow to brown, that could be a sign warning that there is blood in the urine. It may be caused by infection in the urinary tract, an occurrence of kidney stones, kidney infections, or tumors in the urinary tract.


For most patients with kidney disease, there is usually swelling on different parts of the body, such as swelling around the eyes and the facial area that could be noticed when waking up. Moreover, swelling of the feet could be observed in the afternoon every day. When doing activities that require standing for a long time, you can feel that the shoes you are wearing are too tight. If you press on the swollen area with your finger, and there is a depression into it, presume that you have the kidney disease and must see a doctor immediately.


Pain is common for patients with kidney disease which is mainly caused by muscle pain, back pain, lumbar pain, bone and joint. The pain symptom might occure at the lumbar, back or ribs and always ache to the abdomen, thigh, pubis and genitals. Pain at the stated areas can be caused by a blockage in the ureter, kidney pyelonephritis, or cystic aneurysms in the ureter.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the main symptoms that can tell you that you have the risk of chronic kidney disease, particularly, the people who have been suffering from high blood pressure for a long time and cannot control blood pressure levels to be in the balance. It is even more vulnerable than usual to have chronic kidney disease and disease of the kidney artery stenosis.

What should we do when we suspect to have kidney disease?

This kind of disease is importantly caused by eating behavior. Therefore, if you don't want a kidney disease, you should be more conscious about the foods by trying to avoid foods that are salty and high in fat decisively. For those wondering himself having a kidney disease, if you have a fault in any of the above, do not hesitate to see a doctor urgently. This is because some species of kidney disease, such as kidney stones and kidney pyelonephritis can be curable if being treated promptly.