Ya-Nang (Tiliacora triandra)


With high anti-oxidants which reduce aging and wrinkles effectively. To regenerate body cells and balancing. Increase the body's immunity, strengthen and refreshing the body. As an effective and safety dietary. Fat burn and boost your energy. Prevent and reduce any cancer diseases. It is the herb with cool properties, abundantly for cancer patients. 

Treatment of high blood pressure and prevention from heart diseases. Maintain the liver and kidney. Treatment of paralysis. Boosting from being exhausted and fatigued, even resting still cannot relieve. Healing from muscle convulsions and frequently being spasms cramped. To treat the arachnoiditis symptoms, an electric shock pain, like pins and needles. 

Treatment for burning sensation. Prevention from easily broken capillaries. Remedies of tumor. Remedies for dizziness, fainting, nausea and vomiting. Prevention from allergies, cough, runny nose and phlegm. Healing from any kind of colds, such as; fever, sickness from measles, typhoid, sickness from poisonous food, etc. And reduce body heat. 

Cure for restraining the growth of malaria. Treatment of diabetes and reduce blood sugar level. Cure for painful inflammation, muscle pain, and body parts senseless. Ya-Nang's roots helps the symptom of muzzy and allergy. Heal for seriously and chronic gingivitis. Helps for sleepy symptom after meals. Relieve from nose-bleeding. 

Nourish for eyesight and treatment of eye diseases such as; conjunctivitis, dry eyes, astigmatism, eyes pain and dazzle sight, etc. Treatment of erostomia, dry lips and chapped lips. 

Solve the problem of sticky white phlegm, yellow-green phlegm or the symptom of phlegm in throat. Remedies for sinusitis. Resolve snoring symptoms. Reduce from apex of tongue pain. Prevention and treatment of heart diseases. Prevent and cure for asthma. Treatment of hepatitis. Relieve from diarrhea, it could kill the germs which cause the diarrhea. 

Relieve from forcefully stomachache. Remedies for constipation and burning stomach pain. Treatment of gastritis, colitis, gastroesophageal reflux symptom and reduce the cramp of intestines. Treat for hyperthyroidism. Treat for kidney stones, bladder stones and gall stones. Treatment of urinary cystitis, burning and relieve from dark urine and frequent ruination or henaturia. 

Treatment of pelvic inflammatory, pain uterus and hemorrhage. Healing for prostatic hyperplasia and prevention from hernia. Treat of herpes simplex and herpes zoster. Prevention from hemorrhoids. Treatment for leucorrhoea. Prevention from gout.