You are what you eat and drink


"Whatever you eat and drink, it will affect you" is the best quote explaining natural therapy health care. Currently, the most causes of illnesses are neglecting or misunderstanding this quote. The belief in going to see a doctor and carrying a bag of drugs back home when you are sick is alright. However, it's not the best solution because doctors have a lot of works and their patients increasing. The best way is concerning that "You are your best doctor" because you can take care of yourself 24 hours and you are also the only one who can make decisions on yourself. People tend to look over "digestion in the stomach" as a cause of illness.

Most Arokaya patients have already known about Arokaya's treatment method focusing in the solution of main problem "The Digestion system in the stomach". If patients have never read the book "Raise your hand, if you are not sick" (in Thai - Kai Mai Puay Yok Mue Kuen), they might have a lot of questions on this method and need a long explanation because they do not understand why the digestion system is related to the method.

Food is an essential for living. However, the more important than great food is the efficiency of digestion system because no matter how benefit the food you eat, if it cannot be digested, it has no benefit to your body. The food will be spoiled and turn into toxic destroying our health. To be healthy, you need to eat healthy foods, the food is digested and then the waste is moved out from your body. If the food cannot be digested, the spoiled food will generate poison gas, rough air and delicate air which block blood and air vessels until many problems are occurred.

No matter how serious or light disease you have, you must solve the stomach problem first. Our bodies will recovery themselves by using good nutrients to make our bodies healthy and take waste out of our bodies quickly. It's the real solution to solve health problems.

2 solutions to solve the digestive diseases.

1) Change you behavior. Avoid the behaviors which cause gastric juice diluted.

- Do not drink more than half a glass of water 20 minutes before and after meals. To maintain the concentration of the gastric juice in highly acid value (PH 1.5-2.5) for well digestion, avoid sipping water during each meal
- Avoid drinking cold water, carbonated drink, chemical medicines because they irritate stomach which cause stomach produce less gastric juice.
- Avoid drinking coffee when your stomach is empty or before breakfast because the gastric juice will be stimulated when you drink the coffee and cannot be produce again so the gastric juice is not for digestion process during the meal.

- Avoid foods containing preservatives (Instant food such as food using with hot water and frozen food). They slow down digestion and absorption because they are not biodegradable.

2. Herbs (Using food as a non-chemical medicine)
- Stimulate the stomach to produce more gastric juice. **
Take 2 Turmeric capsules (a stomach medicine includes turmeric, ginger, and Atractylodes Rhizome) or drink a cup of ginger tea 20 minutes before a meal to balance the stomach and prepare it for digestion. They also help to heal stomach ulcers and expel air which causes illness.
- Use the helping in digestion. (For those who have suffered with a long illness until the body needs long time to recover).
Enzymes or yoghurt with lactic acid and probiotic can help stomach to digest and absorb food. Take it after main meals.