Detox Pulver 800 gram

Detox Pulver 800 gram.

Detox pulver inneholder urter som hjelper til med å lindre hodepine, kroppssmerter. ฺ

Urter som smører og skrubber huden

Brukes for å redusere feber, redusere hodepine, trygt å bruke, laget av naturen og inneholder ingen giftstoffer.

Viktige ingredienser

Avkjølende urter


Kroppsmaling som smørers på huden

  • Reduserer smerter, hevelser, betennelser i leddene og andre steder.
  • Reduserer utslett og kløe på huden.
  • Smøres i ansiktet for å teste unormaliteter i innvendige organer. Hvis noen områder blir raskere tørr enn andre steder, betyr det at de stedene har problemer som må behandles så fort som mulig.
  • Reduserer blemmer og dårlig lymfeavfall.
  • Behandler herpes og brannsår.

Slik bruker man urter og smører på huden

Blander dem sammen med vann til en passe kremet konsistens. Etterpå smøres den i hele ansiktet som er hovent, områder på kroppen med brennende smerter eller leddene for å redusere feber og hodepine.

Thaivivang Skin Scrub & Toxin Suction Herbal Powder

According to the history of Thaivivang Skin Scrub & Toxin Suction Herbal Powder, the product owner got the idea from being treated for her fever, difficulty swallowing, sore throat while swallowing saliva or water, swollen throat and weight loss in June 2018. Doctors diagnosed that the symptoms were caused by Thyroiditis with pain in the body. Later, she has been treated with herbal remedies and learned about using herbs to relieve those symptoms and tried to compound this toxin suction powder to heal herself first. After self-healing from the symptoms, therefore, it was used for trials with Norwegian patients with physical pain at the massage shop in Lillehammer city, Norway. The shop is called "thaimassasje lillehammer av Pimon"

It is a complete herbal remedy for pain relief in the body; sucking venom and purulent wounds to dry completely, reduce fever, relieve burning pain from shingles and the most outstanding feature of herbs is to be used as a mask to test our health to investigate any disorders we have in our body. The herbs will show which organs in the body are imbalanced or which part has inflammation or pain. When we mask the herbs all over the wet body, the fastest dry area indicates inflammation or pain after masking. Then, wait for it to dry and wipe off with a damp cloth. Then, add a little water, scrub the skin gently and rinse off. Customers will see that their skin is soft, smooth and it helps exfoliate old skin cells.

We take pride in Thaivivang Skin Scrub & Toxin Suction Herbal Powder that has officially and correctly been registered as a trademark of Norway since 2020.

The product was tested on 150 real patients in the "Thaimassasje Lillehammer" massage shop from October 2018 to January 2020.

The patients were categorized by the following symptoms.

- Patients with high pressure and cholesterol 70%; after masking, approximately 80% effective.

- Patients with migraine headache, neck and shoulder pain 80%; after masking, about 90% effective.

- Patients with physical pain syndrome 70%; after masking, 90% effective.

- Patients with Parkinson symptoms who experience trembling hand shake 20%; after masking, 70% effective.

For all categories of illness, the patients took continuous treatment once a month for 6 months in a row and the patients had to adjust their behaviors of eating, sleeping and drinking properly.

Suitable for all genders and ages.


Mix the herbal powder with water until it is creamy, not very thick or thin. Note: Do not use hot water because it will cause the drug to die.

1. Apply a mask to the painful area and leave it to dry, then, rinse with water. During the masking, there may be a slight twitching of the skin, like a nibblefish, a condition in which the drug is pulling the venom out of the body, pulling the problem or sick part out of the body. It is recommended to mask on entire body both front and back sides in order to remove the toxins from the body. After masking, the patient will feel comfortable and relieved. If there is a migraine headache, you will see the results most clearly. For those suffering from body stiffness, after masking, the differences between before and after can be felt significantly. We recommend to use the product at the massage shop because after the body mask is finished, the herbs will be more effective after massage to stimulate blood and lymph circulation.

2. Apply the mask on the desired area, such as the face, you can apply over the face and wait for it to dry. Make the face wet all over, but there will be areas that become dry the fastest, that is, the organs are imbalanced, you must start to restore your body by changing the behaviors of eating and sleeping and drinking water properly.

3. When having symptoms of shingles, mix detox powder with water to form a creamy paste on the painful area. Herbs will help reduce the burning pain as well. After applying, you will feel cool in the affected area. The herbs will make you feel relax and comfortable. When it's dry, rinse with water and apply again 3-4 times a day.

4. In the case of children or adults with fever, mix herbs and apply on the foldable joint under the armpits and knees, and limbs, the herbs will absorb the toxins and fever, causing the body temperature to drop. Drink lots of warm water, then the fever will improve. For those who cannot take paracetamol, just use this powder, it's very effective for reducing fever. As the herbs are very cold, so be careful when using it with children that may make them shocked.

5. Apply a mask to the area of the abscess or the pus. The herbs will help the abscess or pus to collapse. All of the above have been tried and tested on real patients who are both Norwegians and Thais residing in Norway.

In the spa business, it can be used as a natural exfoliating powder absorbing toxins that makes the skin soft, smooth, clean and gentle.


Thai herbs, Indian herbs and Chinese herbs 

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